• Who are PRYOR Technik?

    PRYOR is an offshoot project from Kris Bird, co-founder and tech director of RTMotion.

    PRYOR is a collaboration to bring tools and products to the film & tv equipment sector, including moving platforms, motion & camera control.

    The LATITUDE PROJECT, which sits at the intersection of so much exciting innovation (working with FOOLCONTROL, and OFFHOLLYWOOD), embodies this momentum.

    We will be working intensely to develop products both inside and outside the RTMotion label and eco-system.

    If we can deliver a better tool or solution by ripping up the rulebook or working with a competitor, we'll do our best to do make it happen.

    We are building on the quality, connections and insights gained over the last 6 years, with an emphasis on disrupting existing tools, ergonomics and mindsets.

    We've made friends with so many exciting people and companies who share our ethics and enthusiasm- let's make something amazing!

  • Has RTMotion stopped development?

    Quite the opposite, it means we have rapidly increasing resources to support, improve and grow! The RTMotion name will now just refer to the Lens Control System specifically. The team working on the features, firmware and improvements to the MK3.1 system has recently doubled.

    The RTMotion LCS (MK3.1) is latest-gen, will not be obsoleted any time soon, and will be fully compatible with upcoming PRYOR products (which will concentrate on highly inter-connected accessories).

    The eco-system is growing!